Saturday, October 6, 2007

why do I want to stay?

I know not what i am
I know only that i can never really be
what i want to be
or set out to see what i want to see

i seek salvation
i seek admiration
i know i cannot get them
both in unison

i want someone
who can understand me
i need someone to
come and save me

sometimes i want to get up
and leave everything behind
sometimes i want to embrace
the world and everything in it

I think it through
I wonder everyday
I want to go away
But why do I want to stay?


ParuL said...

it says my frame of mind..nd so well..

can i not comment n jzt thank?

Amit Wadhwa said...

seems like the feeling is in vogue... Sound so similar to what I am going through here... Btw.. welcome back. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.. My creativity has gone down the drain after coming here

All PGIM girls are pretty said...

Buy the ticket,
take the ride!

Alien I said...

I think it through
I wonder everyday
I want to go away
But why do I want to stay?

yeah! .. thats me!!

gagan said...

kinda connectin ....
nicely dne...

Anonymous said...

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rahul said...

not everyone is gifted enough to be able to see such complicated feelings through the lens of such simple words.

You Are!!!