Sunday, October 7, 2007

and then i danced

People listen to music, I feel it. I experience it, I live it, I dance to it. My body takes over, I stop thinking. I lose my inhibitions, I lose control. I live in that moment, I exist.

God made man, man made music, and music inspired lives. I am inspired too, in ways I can't even comprehend.

They say that in you life you have to seek out your guru. I seek my guru, the one who can understand what I experience and nurture it. I want to thrive on it.

I'm still looking for my opportunity, I'm looking for my purpose. I hope to find it before long.

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Alien I said...

Music does that to me too .. just now I am returning from a theque and I had a blasting time there ..

you don't always need ears to enjoy music .. at times you need a shake, a head bang, a heart beat, racing pulse, sweat, stretch, rhythm ..