Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The things people say...

Passing by a group of people, you can't help overhearing a few words here and there. Incomplete statements or stray phrases heard out of context can turn out to be very amusing. Especially when the person saying it is also in a state of animation. Such instances give you a lot of insight about people in general. Most of the times the conversations are light hearted, mindless banter. But sometimes you end up hearing something really nasty. Things get worse if the statements happen to be about you. What should you do then? You can't ignore it. You can't act as if it never happened. And you sure can't forget about it. What must you do then?
I say we ought to make the most of the opportunity. You found out something about yourself that you weren't aware of. It gives you a chances to analyse yourself. Maybe, without realising it, you have developed a habit or behaviour that does more harm than good. Or one which needs to be modified. That criticism can be handled.
Now for the next question. What can you do if what you've heard is something you don't have any control over? Some say why worry about something you don't have any control over? But then it does sadden you to know how people form opinions about other people blatantly disregarding their abilities (or inabilities). They openly bad mouth the person or make fun of them. It saddens you to know how insensitive people are towards people who are not like them, or are unlike anything they have ever seen or met before.
Why must we all fit into a known mould to be accepted or appreciated? Why can't we tolerate diversity?


Alien I said...

Amazing Dewy!! .. bravo! your insight !

I've never been in such a situation .. never that I remember of .. and even if I ever had .. I wud have chosen to walk away silently in ignorance!!

Its tough to keep everyone happy .. and everyone silent!! .. people will always be there to bite at you backs!! .. so I'd still choose to be ignorant! .. Maybe I aint strong enuf to say it on such people's face!! .. I aint confident enuf!! ..

Parul said...

you cant please evry1 babe..
i kno tat u dont even try 2..wats d dam need?!