Tuesday, April 24, 2007

why should i?

It was my turn to get the car in our carpool. I was waiting outside to pick up my friend. He was late so he called me in. He went to get ready while I sat and chatted with his mother. She’s a pleasant lady, like all mothers, lovable and adorable. She was quick to list out why she thought her son was such a slob. Then she relented saying that all guys are like that. Girls are much better at helping around the house, she said.

In the car I told my friend what his mother said about him. He said what his mother had already told me, “Everyone is like that”.

That brings me to the larger question. Why do we always say that? “Everyone is a slob at home, so what’s the big deal if I am too?” or “Why should I work to score high when 50% qualifies you to the next level?” or at work “Why should I work hard if the boss’s pet gets promoted? “All these are the manifestations of the same thing. Why is it that we don’t want to work hard? Part of the answer lies in the fact that some people are just plain lazy. They are only looking for endorsements for their basic philosophy “work only as hard as you need to get by”. You can’t do much for such people except feeling glad that they are at least doing what they need to do to get by. Beyond that, you’d be surprised to find how many talented people with potential get disheartened from working hard. They are not lazy. They just give up after sometime. “What’s the point?” they say. We all go through such a phase. We want to do something but we realize that our efforts are not paying off. Why should we go on then?

They say the corporate world is full of cut throat competition. You work hard on a project, someone else takes the credit. You perform consistently but someone else gets the promotion. What do you do in such a juncture? Should you continue giving it your best shot, to the best of your capability? What’s the point?

The point is ‘you’. You work hard for ‘you’. You give it your best shot for ‘you’. What you learn from your experience is yours alone. Nobody can take that away from you. Working to the best of your potential is also working to your satisfaction. People run around looking for satisfaction and don’t find it. I guess they are too busy looking for it to work hard to achieve it.


Alien I said...

Well .. you found it .. Satisfaction .. Thats it .. you work/live for it ..

Cut Throat Competition and somebody else taking the credit of your job.. hmm frankly I never faced it .. in 2.5 years of experience that I have .. I never felt that somebody else is taking the credit .. Either I have been lucky enuf to be awarded for all my accomplishments upto my satisfaction or I never really was in this race.

But so far .. things have been satisfying .. so even if there is any Competition in corporate world .. I have been surviving [:D] .. Lucky Me :D ..

Ahem and needless to mention .. I am a SLOTH at work at home anytime .. I am a Major SLOTH [:D]

coooool post [:D]

prashant somani said...

thts a gr8 post and i liked your idea doing for myself.... but remember if you are going to go on this path... u just have to stop thinking what others think about you.... just take 10 mins and and introspect tht how far you can go without caring 4 others...best of luck

shex said...

everyone needs a point of veneration and no one is not altruist sooner people understand this glory is all theirs but they don't tht's the catch and the starting of getting everything messed up... i can go on and on but the point is "why should i?"

nitin said...

hmm..first thing first..i agree wid ur "sum ppl r plain lazy"..actuly i can relate to dat..
n ya,u said :
"You work hard on a project, someone else takes the credit. You perform consistently but someone else gets the promotion"
i hav only one solution to dat..becum dat someone else ;)