Sunday, December 17, 2006

some songs

you know how human beings are. they never tire of being creative. they can't sit idle. They have to put their mind to use. Some people create paintings. Others create buildings. Some write songs, others compose then while someone else lends the song a voice. Some people create ways to make products to sell. Others create ways to sell those products. Everyone finds something to create.

This blog is dedicated to a few songs that i love and the emotions they stir up inside me.

Song 1: Save the last dance for me...
Oh i love this song. I would love to have a boyfriend who would be this sporting about me dancing the whooooooole nite with other guys. Imagine....dressed in a splendid gown, looking show-stoppingly stunning...every eye on you. The best looking and the smartest guys asking you to dance while the boyfriend's on the stage singing this song for me. Wouldn't that be wonderful. Getting all the attention/compliments you desire while the boyfriend looks at you and smiles. He knows you are enjoying the attention and want you to have fun. But darling save the last dance for me.
Its not up to every guy to be able to handle that. He has to be extremely self confident. He knows he's the best of the lot and that the best looking girl at the party loves him. He has to trust the girl and his relationship. And he mustn't give a damn what the world says or thinks.

Sigh...if only they made guys like that.

Song2:It's gonna be me

this could either be a potential stalker. but i don't think so. I think its the song for a guy who loves his gal endlessly. He knows her inside out and knows she can never find a guy better than him. Now THTs what i call confidence.

Baby, when you finally get to love somebody, its gonna be ME!

Yeah! go get her pal!

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